How to make a Flax Egg – I via I #vegetarian #vegan #cleaneating #traderjoes
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How to make a “flax egg” for Vegan Baking

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In many vegan recipes, you might see the term “flax egg”. This special concoction takes the place of eggs in some recipes that require binding of ingredients, most commonly used in vegan baking. I’ve experimented with different ways of creating a flax egg, and this is what works for me best.

First, you’ll want to start out with whole flaxseeds. I’ve purchased ground flaxseed, but from my experience (and many others on Google), it can become rancid very quickly so I try to stick to the whole seeds instead. I like to buy them at Trader Joe’s but any whole flax seeds should do. Also note on the bag that it says “Refrigerate After Opening”. Who would have thought? So make sure you put this bad boy in the fridge after opening.

How to make a "flax egg" the right way via #vegan #veganbaking

How to make a Flax Egg – I via I #vegetarian #vegan #cleaneating #traderjoes

In a coffee or spice grinder (I picked one up at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $20), grind up 1 tablespoon of flax seeds. You’ll notice that the whole seeds have a wonderful smell when ground up. I love using the whole flax seeds because it feels like I’m getting a much fresher version of flax.

How to make a Flax Egg – I via I #vegetarian #vegan #cleaneating #traderjoes

Now you can use this ground flaxseed for recipes. There are many uses for it. You may add it to your smoothie or yogurt for an extra shot of Omega-3 and fiber. There’s also evidence flaxseed will reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. So I ask, why WOULDN’T you want to try it!?

When baking vegan recipes (or if you just ran out of eggs), you can substitute with a flax egg, which will give you the same consistency as an egg. A recipe may call for 1 tablespoon ground flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water. Mix together and let sit. In a few minutes, it will soften up in somewhat of a gelatin like substance.

How to make a Flax Egg – I via I #vegetarian #vegan #cleaneating #traderjoes

Use in the place of eggs in your vegan cooking. Just note that not all recipes will allow you to swap out eggs for flax eggs, and not all recipes will taste good with the nutty, flaxseed flavor. Still, I think this cute little seed deserved it’s own post. Do you use flax seed in your cooking?



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