Simple Kale Quinoa (Vegan, Gluten Free)

A bowl of quinoa with kale and pine nuts in a white bowl.

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This Simple Kale Quinoa can be made in just 25 minutes with only 10 ingredients. It’s packed with plant-based protein and also super versatile. Add extra veggies, chickpeas or tofu for a fuller meal.




  1. In a medium saucepan or Dutch oven, melt butter (or olive oil) over medium heat.
  2. Add quinoa and heat for 3-4 minutes until slightly toasted*, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add vegetable stock/broth, water, minced onion, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Bring to a boil, reduce heat slightly, cover and simmer for 14-15 minutes, or until liquid is absorbed. Uncover and remove from heat. 
  4. Meanwhile (while waiting for quinoa to cook), in a small or medium dry skillet over medium heat, add the raw pine nuts. Stir constantly for about 2-3 minutes until slightly browned, being careful not to burn. You’ll know it’s ready when it’s a little brown and smells nutty. Remove from pan immediately to cool. 
  5. To the pot of cooked quinoa, add the chopped kale (the hot quinoa will wilt the kale), lemon juice and pine nuts. Stir until combined. Add additional salt and pepper to taste, or additional spices (see suggestions below).
  6. This recipe makes 4 (1-cup) servings. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days.


*Toasting quinoa before cooking brings out a “nuttiness” of the quinoa adds a nice depth of flavor.



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