A newly renovated industrial chic kitchen with an island, pendant light and rustic stools.

My ‘Industrial Chic’ Kitchen Renovation

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I am SO very excited to finally share the photos of my kitchen renovation with you!

First, let’s get started with the “before” pics. Photos by Robert Bruce Photography, my husband!

Before Pics

A "before" photo of a living room and a wall blocking the kitchen.

There was a huge wall blocking our kitchen from our living room. It made our house feel super small and cramped.

A "before" photo of a living room on one side of the photo and a kitchen on the other side, separated by a wall.
A "before" photo of a kitchen, a little outdated and in need of a renovation.
A "before" photo of a kitchen before a renovation. There is a large wall blocking the living room.
A "before" photo of a kitchen wall with cabinets and a dishwasher.

It was cute but could be SO much better.

And now new kitchen!!

An "after" photo of a kitchen redesign, showing a large island with 3 stools and quartzite countertops, and pendant lights hanging over the island, and white cabinets with champagne bronze hardware.

I went for an “industrial-chic” look and everything turned out exactly as I’d imagined. Knocking down the wall really opened the space up so nicely and the white shaker cabinets brightened everything up. We refinished the floors, but kept the same stain (so we didn’t have to redo ALL the floors in our house).

This is the new view from the living room (where the wall was blocking it before). There is so much more space now and it feels like a completely different house!

An "after" photo of a kitchen redesign, with the wall torn down and an island in its place. The island has gray quarzite with 3 wooden/metal stools behind it. You can see a double over and new fridge as well, with white cabinets.

The pendant lights over the island were a bit pricy but I wanted to splurge since they were such a focal point. The stools are so cute and adjustable height which I really like, and they are reasonably priced too! And the chandelier (on the left) is from Wayfair.

As you can see from the photo above, we don’t have a table yet for the dining room. Ok, dining room may be a stretch. Let’s say, breakfast nook? Either way, we’re getting a custom made table, and the wood is coming from an old Kellogg’s factory in Detroit. So cool.

It’s hard to see but there are even cabinets underneath the island (behind the stools) where I keep all of my baking and food photography props.

A higher angle shot of an "after" photo of a kitchen redesign. You can see a large slab of fantasy gray quartzite with 3 wooden/metal stools pushed into the island, as well as white cabinets and a shiny new stainless steel fridge- with wood floors.

The island and countertops are probably my favorite part of this kitchen and WAY more beautiful in person. I chose quartzite- called Fantasy Grey (closeup below). It’s truly gorgeous. The island ended up being 50 (wide) x 66 (long) which was the perfect size.

A closeup shot of a quartzite countertop, in Fantasy Grey
An "after" photo of a kitchen redesign, showing the island as the centerpiece looking into a living room area. You can see a long runner rug in the kitchen, and the island has a microwave built into it. In the background, you can see the living room with a large mirror over the mantle.

We also decided to add a microwave to the island (seen with trim kit). I was a little worried about bending down to heat up food/drinks, but it honestly doesn’t bother me at all. I like to think of it as a quick leg workout. 😉 Also, if you’re wondering, the kitchen rug is from Wayfair and I love it!

A shot of a kitchen wall with white cabinets, champagne bronze handles/pulls, and a double oven with a range hood above, and a pot filler above the stove.

One of my other favorites is the LG double gas range oven, plus the hood above. I opted to close off the hood at the top and add a cabinet, for more storage space.

And I decided to go with a simple very light beige/gray subway tile, which changes colors in the light. I added a simple herringbone frame design behind the oven, which is subtle but makes a big difference!

My LG fridge is equally amazing. I finally have an ice maker/water IN MY FRIDGE! I know this is common for most, but for me, it’s a true luxury. =)

An LG fridge, in stainless steel.

Another awesome buy was my new champagne bronze pot filler (below). I honestly thought this was too fancy for me, but my builder convinced me to get it. So glad I did! Filling pots has never been so easy, and it just looks cool.

A closeup shot of a champagne bronze pot filler over a gas stove, with water streaming out into a pot.

And then there’s my new Delta faucet (below). It was pricy, but combined with my pot filler, they are really the statement pieces of the kitchen.

A closeup shot of a champagne bronze faucet with water streaming out into a large stainless steel farmhouse sink.

I also got a pull-out spice drawer and a pull-out drawer for trash/recyclables.

A side by side of 2 photos. One is a shot of a pull out cabinet with a spice rack (with 4 shelves) and the other is a photo of a pull out trash/recycable cabinet.

The sink is also HUGE. I didn’t order the sink so I don’t have the exact link but the name was Apron 16 gauge SA 3000 Series and it’s very similar to this one. It also came with a cutting board and colander which can be placed right in the sink.

A stainless steel farmhouse sink.

You can also see (to the right of the sink) a garbage disposal button– so cool!

A stainless steel farmhouse sink with a cutting board and colander insert.

The cabinets are “white shaker”, and we upgraded to pull-out drawers for many of the cabinets. So glad we did. The drawer pulls/knobs/cup pulls are from Lowe’s and they match perfectly with the champagne bronze faucet and pot filler (from Home Depot).

A white shaker cabinet with a drawer pull and knob.
A white shaker cabinet with drawer pulls.

And finally, if you’re wondering, the wall paint color is Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

A brand new renovated white and gray kitchen, with beautiful pendant lights and 3 wooden stools.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my new kitchen renovation and are feeling inspired! As a food blogger, you can probably guess that I cook ALL the time (usually 6-7 nights a week when I’m not traveling) so this kitchen is not only beautiful, but also super practical, better for entertaining, and cooking is much easier and more enjoyable.

I also put together a few lessons learned below, for those of you considering a kitchen renovation.

Lessons Learned

Hire a contractor.

We opted to use a builder without any designer/architect to save $, and this made things difficult (and maybe even cost us more in the long run). Although our builder did a great job, not having a “project manager” per say, put all the pressure on us to make every possible decision, do a ton of research, AND keep on top of the contractors. Therefore, I highly recommend investing in some help up front.

Order all appliances first, and early on.

If you already have all of your appliances purchased (or at least picked out), it will be easier to make sure everything will fit as planned when you have your cabinets built. Items can also get delayed or back ordered, which can delay the process.

Know how long things will take to order.

We custom ordered our tile and it took over 2 weeks to come in, which delayed our builder. Then we ran out of the tile frame and had to wait another 2 weeks, ugh. It also took some time to pick out our countertops. I’d suggest picking out the big stuff (appliances, cabinets, countertops, tile, and flooring) as soon as you can so you don’t delay the process.

Count on spending 25% more than planned.

I hope it’s less than 25% for you, but things happen and it’s good to plan ahead. We realized when we opened up the walls, that there was an additional load bearing wall which was an extra $1500. I also thought I would go cheap on some things, but in the end, decided to spend more once I saw the kitchen coming together and wanted certain upgrades.

Plan for every possible expense in advance.

When estimating the cost, I forgot to include things like curtains, rugs, light bulbs, etc. And if you go with a completely different design style, none of your old stuff will match, requiring you to purchase a lot more than you might have anticipated.

Try not to let the little stuff get to you.

There’s a reason why home renovations are stressful on relationships. While living in our basement throughout our kitchen renovation (covered in dust), there were some disagreements along the way. But we really tried to remind ourselves that it was “only a couple months” in the sum of our entire lives. That certainly put things in perspective. And when it’s over, you won’t even remember the bad times and soon you’ll be planning another room renovation (or maybe that’s just me?). =)

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Have you been through a house/kitchen renovation yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts/tips!

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  • I remember when Robert ( years ago) first bought the house. Believe it or not, his remod if the original kitchen was a huge upgrade. That said your new one is wonderful. The contractors did good work. Most homeowners aren’t prepared for the project. You did well.

    • Thank you so much!! =) Yes, we are so happy how it turned out!!

  • I love it. This is definitely a dreamy kitchen.

    • Thank you Mary Lou! I love it. =)

  • Truly a glorious kitchen and well deserved. This is your life’s work and you needed a great kitchen. I love the colors and the clean lines. Enjoy it. Your readers will indirectly benefit from it.

    • Aww thanks Carol! You are always so supportive and I appreciate it! =)

  • Wow this is a beautiful kitchen, we are in the process of renovating a house and some of your ideas are great. In Australia everybody has double sinks, I noticed you didn’t, I think I will go that way as when we had ours done I put in double sinks and never use the second one.

    • Hi Chris, I agree, used to have a double sink and the middle section just got in the way. The open sink is wonderful! So much more space. I also love the grid thing (not sure what it is called) that lays on the bottom of the sink. I never knew I needed it, but I love it! I can wash glasses or just set dishes down and it doesn’t touch the bottom of the sink with dirty water, etc. Genius! =)

  • I can not believe the difference it made by removing the wall, it opened up the space so much! Truly a stunning kitchen and at the same time so functional! I especially love the bench seating under the window, I’ve always wanted that in my kitchen, perhaps one day. So happy for you as I know you spend most your time in your kitchen, beautiful transformation my friend!!

    • I love it too!! The bench seat is so cute and it has storage underneath too. It’s not easy to get to, but I put items there I rarely use but don’t want to throw out. Thanks girl!! xo =)

  • I am living vicariously through your beautiful kitchen and someday will take the time to work with a contractor to have a beautiful space like you 🙌🙌🙌

    • Aww thanks!! =) You will have your new kitchen one day!!! When you do, let me know- I can help! =)


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